Say no to boring security trainings

Security Awareness is traditionally seen as boring, and because of this, people do not pay attention. We aim to increase security awareness by making training interesting, encouraging participation with consistent messages. By making the video as a comedy, with training to follow, training participants will pay more attention and messages will be able to be conveyed. Characters in the story are developed over time, and will let people relate and hence personalize what is happening hence aiding memory.


The introduction video can be done at your site, with a person from your company. As it is an office based situation comedy, any particular message that you wish to convey could be written into the future episodes. ITSEC will sit down with each customer, and discuss requirements. Other Customizations are possible, including but not limited to making a specific version for you.

High quality materials

We provide integrated security awareness suite of products. It consists of training materials, testing and regular reminders. The training materials include office based situation comedy movie, brochures, banners, wall posters, screensavers, desktop backgrounds etc. Customization is possible (with potential additional cost) including adding company logo , changing/deleting messages. All episodes are in Bahasa Indonesia with English subtitles.
Our team combines: security expertise, behavioural psychology knowledge, experienced trainers, graphic designers, photography and movie production studio.

Ongoing updates

We release multiple episodes of our traiing videos each year.