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Cerita Joshua Dipecat (CJD) is an integrated security awareness suite of products including comedy video. CJD aims to increase awareness by making training interesting and fun to participate.
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Best Security Awareness Campaigns in Indonesia

Say no to boring security trainings

FunGet everyones attention! Make security awareness trainings fun to participate with our integrated security awareness campaigns featuring security comedy movie!Make it fun →

Get everyoen involved in cutomisation

APICustomise your security awareness campaign videos! Make a great impact by having division heads speak about the importance of security. Let the CEO do the introduction.Customize →

Make your awareness campaign a success

SuccessOur high quality security awareness campaigns are produced by team of security experts, experienced trainers, behavioural psychologist, graphics designers and a movie production studio.Succeed →

Stay up to date with regular campaigns

UpdatesBecause information security landscape is constantly changing, we are constantly updating our training materials. We're also having lots of fun making more movies. Wait till you see what happens in the next episode!Update →